My sketchbooks are a place of pure play for me. Sketching is a way to experience where I am, a way of relating to where I live, what I’m doing, and where I’m going. With a sketchbook available, I always have entertainment – sketching people while waiting in line at Costco or the back of a pickup truck when stuck in traffic.

My sketchbox has traveled to Japan, Central America and Europe, and I can look at these and I’m immediately drawn back to what it was like to be there. I can remember exactly what was going on around me, even though it was years ago.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More rainy March sketchbook revisits....

By the pool in Cabo...
Picking bananas right from the tree in Alamos, Mexico

Cabo Bello view, Cabo san Lucas
Morning in San Carlo, Mexico
Superstition Mountain, Arizona
Sketch at the Grand Canyon
Closer to home, a view from our tent
camping at Second Beach, WA
Another tent view, Lyon's Ferry in the Palouse, WA
Elk River Falls, Idaho
Sketched on rice paper, not so close to home, on a visit to son Jake.
Tokyo, Himonia Park
Definitely not in any logical order,
a ginko tree and one of many
churches in Brooklyn.
I had a fabulous pastry while
sketching this. It was June, hot!
Coffee under the colorful umbrellas.
The Brooklyn Library is at the edge of
Prospect Park in Brooklyn.
Dupont Circle, DC. from a visit to son Sam while
he studied at SAIS.
Several years ago we went with friends
to see the John Singer Sargent show in
Boston. This is an early morning view
from Cape Ann, MA.
A painting trip with Stellar Arts took
us to Tsaravets Hill, the main fortress of the medieval
Bulgarian capital, Veliko Tarnova.
This hill was inhabited as early as the
2nd millenium BC. Many old stone
walls, layers and layers of history.


  1. What a great way to invite people in....and to get these wonderful sketches in one place for us and for you! Way to go.... Pat

  2. Do you sell any of these? If you do my email is, Im very interested in the second beach sketch and I'd love to hear from you!