My sketchbooks are a place of pure play for me. Sketching is a way to experience where I am, a way of relating to where I live, what I’m doing, and where I’m going. With a sketchbook available, I always have entertainment – sketching people while waiting in line at Costco or the back of a pickup truck when stuck in traffic.

My sketchbox has traveled to Japan, Central America and Europe, and I can look at these and I’m immediately drawn back to what it was like to be there. I can remember exactly what was going on around me, even though it was years ago.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


This last week the Whidbey Island Sketchers were invited to visit  another of Whidbey's amazing surprises, an exotic bird aviary.  Color spots in motion with tons of personality! Trying to sketch these moving brilliant birds as they checked us out..was   challenging ..... and enteraining!
The Hyacinth Macaw is the largest of all parrots, and for real, ultramarine blue and violet! 

These two were the most curious. The Blue Throat Macaw went to toes and shoes and looked over shoulders. The brilliant little sun conures, probably the most playful, climbed all over us.  Their voices were not so delicate, but what incredible color, especially when in the sun! Appropriate name.

Brutus with the orange plumes didn't let us forget he was there.
Another favorite was the Greater Sulpher Crested Cockatoo. His neighbor kept saying..
"whatcha doin? whatcha doin?"

Thank you to the Cole Gallery in Edmonds for filling another workshop yesterday with a great group of people for "Sketching Anywhere" watercolor and ink journaling.  Edmonds in bloom was at its best. Also,what a great farmer's market!

Next on the schedule is "Landscape Sketching" September 13-15 with the Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio on Whidbey Island. This will be our second year visiting and sketching some of Whidbey's great places. Check it out!

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