My sketchbooks are a place of pure play for me. Sketching is a way to experience where I am, a way of relating to where I live, what I’m doing, and where I’m going. With a sketchbook available, I always have entertainment – sketching people while waiting in line at Costco or the back of a pickup truck when stuck in traffic.

My sketchbox has traveled to Japan, Central America and Europe, and I can look at these and I’m immediately drawn back to what it was like to be there. I can remember exactly what was going on around me, even though it was years ago.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mostly Subway Sketches

I just returned from a full and wonderful week with my son and his family in Brooklyn.
Two fun filled grandchildren, along with hours of free time to wander and explore.
There is so much to choose from, but I spent little time just sitting and sketching, except for riding on the subway into Manhatten and back. So much material to attempt in the bumping and lurching....and sometimes very tight space. Several times I got so involved in my sketch I didn't notice we had  passed my stop!
I travelled lightly, only a small sketchbook, brown Noodler's Ink and a little color.

It's good practice for trying to not be noticed...I often just
looked away, or just down... at feet. Interesting feet, I could
fill a sketchbook with subway feet.

But people get up and leave.......
Faces and heads everywhere, all ages.
But they leave too.

One day I walked across Manhatten through the
West Village over to the subway stop on 6th.
It was raining, and as I stopped for coffee I looked out on
this blooming tree in front of an umbrella
Another day began at Union Square with breakfast on the
second floor of Whole Foods looking out at the spring trees.
The square had a Farmer's Market already
stocked with vegetables and plants.

Back on the R Train, standing room only...

Train change at Canal Street

This little bit of color was from the snack bar
at the Guggenheim Museum looking out at
Central Park. The current show is
The Great Upheaval, Modern Art from 1910-1918.

And then, time to come home. Only two little
airport sketches.

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  1. Faye, I am Diana Carter's sister and also an artist. I've admired your work since I was first introduced to the Whidbey Island Sketchers.
    Love your spare use of line to describe your subject when sketching people quickly. I hope to visit the group when I come out to see Diana!