My sketchbooks are a place of pure play for me. Sketching is a way to experience where I am, a way of relating to where I live, what I’m doing, and where I’m going. With a sketchbook available, I always have entertainment – sketching people while waiting in line at Costco or the back of a pickup truck when stuck in traffic.

My sketchbox has traveled to Japan, Central America and Europe, and I can look at these and I’m immediately drawn back to what it was like to be there. I can remember exactly what was going on around me, even though it was years ago.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer...Bits and pieces

Summer doesn't keep to a schedule. I have been carrying my
sketchbook a lot, but it is definitely bits and pieces that appear.
I've been doing a lot of people sketching. More soon on that.

I was fortunate to be able to sketch with the Puget Sound
Group of NW painters at their annual Rudy Bundas memorial
gathering at Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island a week or so? ago.
It was cold and rainy in the morning as braver souls found their
posts. I tucked under the eaves and sketched this little house and
tidelands, tried to stay warm and watched a racoon gather
breakfast. He should be in the sketch..... It was as cold and gray
as it looks... with one spot of color!

In contrast, Island Design, a wonderfully elegant presence in Langley
is filled with wonderful arrangements and color combinations!

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